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  • Accessories Accessories
    Hardware including palettes, water pots, paint and pastel boxes, art boxes, brush tubes, mixing knives, scalpels, erasers, sponges, etc.
  • Auxiliaries Auxiliaries
    Consumables, including Oils, Varnishes, Solvents & Thinners, Oil & Acrylic Painting Mediums, Siccatives, Primers, Masking Fluid, Fixatives, etc.
  • Books Books
    on techniques and materials
  • Brushes Brushes
    Wide selection of all types for all media
  • Children Children
    gift ideas for children
  • Chinese Art Materials Chinese Art Materials
    Brushes, inks, paper, colours and all you need for Chinese art
  • Easels, Boards & Seats Easels, Boards & Seats
    Studio, tripod, table and seat easels, sketching boards and folding seats
  • Inks Inks
    Wide variety of black and coloured inks for sketching, drawing and calligraphy
  • Paints Paints
    Watercolour, Oil, Acrylic and Gouache, several brands stocked
  • Papers, Grounds, Sketchbooks & Journals Papers, Grounds, Sketchbooks & Journals
    Vast range of watercolour papers in sheets, blocks and pads. Pastel and drawing papers. Oil boards, calligraphy and inkjet
  • Pastels, Pigments & Powders Pastels, Pigments & Powders
    Large selection from H Roche, Unison, Sennelier, Art Spectrum, Schmincke soft ranges
  • Pens & Pencils Pens & Pencils
    Large range of graphite, charcoal and coloured pencils, graphite sticks, charcoal sticks. Sketching and drawing pens, dip pens etc.
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