Do you own an original?

Do you own an original?

Is it an original or a print? Look at the surface through a magnifying glass. If the image is composed of small dots of colour and the paper surface is smooth, it is an open edition print. We would not wish to acquire it or sell it for you and it will have no particular value even if signed. If there are no dots and the paper surface is textured, it is probably an original painting.

To supply information - what we need to know

Initial enquiries about originals should indicate the size of the painting (excluding frame and any mount) and the title if known. Please email a low resolution (72dpi, about 400px long side) digital image of the painting, without which we will not be able offer much advice.


We will value an original verbally for you free of charge if you bring it to our Studio (please phone first 015394 35280 to make sure a qualified person will be available). Written insurance valuations are £25. (Digital images or amateur photographs usually show insufficient detail for an accurate assessment.)

If you wish to sell an original, we sell them from our gallery on usual commission terms, subject to inspection. We are a major source for collectors.

Contact Rebecca Heaton Cooper to discuss terms and conditions.

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