Automatic Lettering Pen for Calligraphy

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Of superior quality, these original Automatic Lettering and Calligraphy Pens have been hand crafted in England since 1900. Every pen is hand-made, ground and finished in north London. Used by pro-fessional calligraphers to write beautiful letters. Each pen complete with well balanced handle and nibs of non-rust nickel silver. A variety of pen sizes and styles to meet all needs. Writes with ink, watercolour, gouache, ink sticks, art masking fluid or gum frisket. The pen can write and flow in any direction and produces both very thin lines with contrasting thick lines. Easy to use for right and left handed users, from young children to professionals writing calligraphy, drawing illustrations and making decorative mark designs.

Plain Stroke Pens:- 1/2/3/3A/4/4A/5/6/6A 
Square cut pen
Smooth action
Large ink reservoir
For posters and large lettering.

Border Stroke Pens:- 7/8/9/10/Music 5 Line pen
Square cut pen
Smooth action
Large ink reservoir
For edged borders, artwork and picture mounts.

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