Joseph Gillot Artist Selection (Set of 13)

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William Mitchell Calligraphy Ltd. have been designing and manufacturing exceptional writing tools for almost 200 years. This British based firm is known for its famous calligraphy, drawing and mapping pen nibs made of the supplest steel. William Mitchell produces Joseph Gillott pens which are ideal for drawing, mapping, manga, comic book illustration and small copperplate writing. These delicate tools are ideal for both professional and keen amateur use.

This box set of 11 nibs includes one Mapping and one Drawing pen holder and a magnet.

William Mitchell nib points have a protective lacquer to prevent tarnishing. Briefly immerse the full pen point in boiling water before first use to remove.

The selection boxes cleverly include a small magnet for lifting the nibs out of the storage sections without having to tip all the nibs out.

Mapping pens differ from other dip pens in size and shape. The nibs are extra fine for delicate, accurate lines. Because the base of the nib is a small tube it will not fit in a standard dip pen handle, it needs a mapping pen holder.

Contents Include:
  • 1 x Drawing No. 1950
  • 1 x Drawing No. 303
  • 1 x Drawing No. 404
  • 1 x Drawing No. 170
  • 1 x Drawing No. 290
  • 1 x Drawing No. 1068
  • 1 x Drawing No. 291
  • 1 x Drawing No. 1290
  • 1 x Mapping Nib 659
  • 1 x Mapping Nib 850
  • 1 x Mapping Nib 2788
  • 1 x Magnet
  • 1 x Drawing Nib Holder

1 x Mapping Nib Holder

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