Faber Castell PITT Pastel Pencils (Set of 12 or 24)

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Pastel pencils ideally complement pastel sticks. These high quality pastel pencils have a tough thick (4.3mm) colour strip yet feel soft and smooth in use. They have excellent light-fastness.

Tin of 12 Colours: white, cream, helio-blue, light ultramarine, Hookers green, green earth (yellowish), Pompeian red, sanguine, terracotta, dark Naples ochre, dark sepia, black.

Tin of 24 Colours: white, cream, maganese violet, dark indigo, helio-blue (reddish), light ultramarine, helio turquoise, Hookers green, Juniper green, olive green (yellowish), green earth (yellowish), caput mortuum, burnt carmine, medium flesh, pompeian red, sanguine, burnt ochre, terracotta, light yellow ochre, dark Naples ochre, walnut brown, dark sepia, Payne's Grey, black.

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