Henri Roche Landscape Collection (Set of 12)

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This is an excellent introductory landscape set that will serve as a solid foundation to colors found in most natural settings. You will find a nice range of dark, mid tone and light values that have been chosen to achieve an endless color range. We are frequently asked why Henri Roche pastels are so expensive. Its pretty simple, Henri Roche pastel sticks are virtually pure pigment sticks. You will find that Henri Roche pastels are very unique in color, texture and feel. Henri Roche pastels are formulated with a greater concentration of pigment then most pastels. Roche pastels will feel like painting with pure, unadulterated, saturated pigments.

Colors in this Set:

  • 5772
  • 5412
  • 5437
  • 7413
  • 7264
  • 7215
  • 7129
  • 8546
  • 2229
  • 3363
  • 4421
  • 5398

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