Henri Roche Metallic Sets (Set of 3)

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Founded originally in 1720, La Maison Pastel was acquired in 1870 by Henri Roche. This chemical engineer and born researcher was fascinated by pastel and dreamed of making it a prime painting technique. With the collaboration of artists such as Degas, Cheret, Whistler and many others, he made pastels that soon become unequaled, both in their quality and the number o shades proposed. A collection of 1,650 shades, developed with his son, won a gold medal at the Paris International Exhibition in 1973, and made the reputation of Roche pastels. During the second half of the 20th century, La Masion du Pastel slowly drifted into a secret and exclusive domain, proposing its colours to a clientele of faithful connoisseurs.

Today, over 1,250 shades are proposed to you, produced as they have always been, entirely by hand.

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