Unison Colour Landscape Set (Set of 36)

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Unison pastels are the creation of artist John Hersey. From a converted coach house in Northumberland, England, John and a small band of artisans lovingly make Unison pastels by hand, cutting no corners. They make small batches of 100 to 200 pastels at a time and each stick is hand-rolled and allowed to air dry. This produces a soft pastel which embraces the tooth of your drawing paper and leaves great results. There is a richness, a smoothness and an intensity that is unique to Unison.

John Hersey developed Unison's colour scheme in unified cycles of 18 colours. He observed from nature that a single colour takes on endless variations of hue depending on the quality of light that strikes it. After 15 years of experimentation, his pastels reflect the true nature of colour.

Pastels measure approximately 2-1/8 in long × 5/8 in diameter (54 mm × 16 mm). Sticks vary slightly due to the hand-making process.

Set contains the following colours:

  • G27 Grey (White)
  • Y5 Yellow
  • Y4 Yellow
  • Y18 Yellow
  • Y16 Yellow
  • Y1 Yellow
  • BGE1 Blue Green Earth
  • GN5 Green
  • GN4 Green
  • YGE5 Yellow Green Earth
  • BGE17 Blue Green Earth
  • YGE18 Yellow Green Earth
  • BE6 Brown Earth
  • BE18 Brown Earth
  • RE16 Red Earth
  • BE16 Brown Earth
  • RE4 Red Earth
  • BE9, Brown Earth
  • GN18 Green
  • GN17 Green
  • GN16 Green
  • GN32 Green
  • GN14 Green
  • GN13 Green
  • A30 Additional
  • A29 Additional
  • A27 Additional
  • A26 Additional
  • A32 Additional
  • A31 Additional
  • BV7 Blue Violet
  • BV13 Blue Violet
  • BV9 Blue Violet
  • BV15, Blue Violet
  • BV16 Blue Violet
  • BV17 Blue Violet

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