Saunders Waterford Watercolour Paper Sheet (High White) (56x76cm)

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High White is a new addition to the Saunders range with a new whiter shade which is much brighter.

St Cuthberts Mill made the new ‘High White’ after requests from professional artists who were searching for a whiter shade of watercolour paper, but without compromising on quality that only a professional grade watercolour paper like Saunders Waterford can offer. The base colour of the paper shows through the transparent washes of watercolour, and the original ‘White’ shade of Saunders Waterford could affect the paints.

With the new ‘High White’ shade the paints pigments will appear more vivid, and with more sparkle, giving the whole painting a fresher look. A whiter sheet will make finished paintings more contemporary looking, as artists have commented that they felt the original white colour created a more antique look to their finished compositions. Available in an identical range as the original 'white' Saunders Waterford paper.

The rough is the roughest paper, NOT is a medium texture and HP is smooth.

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