Canson Heritage Pads 300gsm / 140lbs (12 Sheets per Pad)

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Canson Heritage Hot Pressed Watercolour Pads contain 12 sheets of 140lbs / 300gsm acid free watercolour paper. The high quality surface sized paper is very strong and brings out the vibrancy and intensity of the watercolour paint.

Canson Heritage Watercolour Paper is a mould-made 100% cotton paper that has a unique ‘handmade’ texture. The Hot Pressed surface in these Heritage pads is very smooth and holds brushstrokes very well without the paint bleeding into the paper. This results in sharp clean brushstrokes and makes it the perfect paper for fine detail watercolour painting and botanical art. It is also ideal for watercolour washes as the paper is very absorbent, pens and markers, coloured pencil and ink work.

Another benefit of the Canson Heritage Watercolour Paper is that it remains wetter for longer giving the artist more working time and the paper surface can withhold a lot of re-working without getting damaged.

Canson Heritage pads are glued along the short side and are also available in cold pressed and rough surfaces, watercolour blocks and single sheets.

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