Clear Evening, Wastwater (mounted print)

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"There is a unity of spirit in the whole, and a beauty and grandeur of outline in the surrounding fells, which are seldom if ever found in combination elsewhere"

[English Lake District - M. J. B. Baddeley, p46]

Now defined as 'Britain's favourite view' this was painted one evening in October 1967, after a spell of very dry settled weather, which makes even the wildness of Wastwater appear calm and benevolent. The counterpoint of low light and long shadows enhance the grandeur of Kirkfell and Great Gable at the head of the lake, whilst bracken on the rolling slopes glows orange and competes with the deepest blue-green of the water as it strikingly reflects ultramarine and turquoise back at us.

Available in two sizes

1.  Mounted print approx 432x343mm 17x13 1/2

     Image size approx 323x216mm

2.  Mounted print approx 279x229mm 11x9"

     Image size approx 182x118mm

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