Windermere and Langdale Pikes from Waterhead (framed print)

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"Waterhead is a sort of 'Clapham Junction' of Lakeland, the point where the two principal southern approaches converge, the steamboats landing their freights from Lake Side and the Furness route, and the rival coaches bowling past from Windermere Station to Keswick" [English Lake District - M. J. B. Baddeley, p66]

Alfred painted this Autumnal outlook across a corner of Lake Windermere when living in Ambleside. In the far distance he captures the first layer of snow as it brushes along the tops of the Langdale fells, at a period when the changing seasons advance and retreat a host of varying colours of the coming winter, which was probably his favourite time of the year.

Available in two sizes

Frame sizes approx 559x457mm 22x18"(TBS)

     Image size approx 383x254mm 15x10"

Frame size approx 330x279mm 13x11"(NTA)

     Image size approx 183mm x 118mm 7.1/4 x 4.5/8"

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