Winter Sun, Coniston (mounted print)

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"Less lofty than the tallest giants of the Lake District, the Old Man is inferior to none as a viewpoint, its outlying position giving it a character of its own"

[Black's Guide to the English Lakes - ed. Gordon-Home, p87]


In this slightly unusual composition, William shows a couple of fine looking trees set in the middle of the painting - and it appears to work perfectly here because of the strong right to left sweeping motion of the clouds, which gather menacingly over the Old Man of Coniston, who stands proudly defiant with a snowy overcoat for protection.


Available in two sizes

1.   Mounted print size approx - 508 x 381mm (20 x 15")

      Image size approx 348 x 196mm

2.   Mounted print size approx -  286 x 235mm (11.25 x 9.25")

      Image size approx 176 x 118mm

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