Antiquarian Sticker Book Bibliophilia by Dot & Odd

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The highly-anticipated follow-up to the smash hit!: THE ANTIQUARIAN STICKER BOOK! Luxuriate in the pages of the ANTIQUARIAN STICKER BOOK: BIBLIOPHILIA, a compendium of thousands of gorgeous stickers for lovers of beauty and books. Here, quotes from classic pieces of literature are illuminated in sticker form. Adorn your collage or junk journal with a quote or sticker to add another dimension to your project. Peel and decorate or browse and feast on the beauty of this lush sticker book unlike any other. A treasure trove of authentic historical prints from the ornate Victorian era can live on its own, be used on stationary and wrapping, or create an amazing collage. Featuring beautiful, recognizable, wacky, odd, and inspiring quote stickers from many beloved authors, the ANTIQUARIAN STICKER BOOK: BIBLIOPHILIA has something for everyone.

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