Original Paintings

The original paintings by Alfred & William Heaton Cooper are the foundation of the Studio, both as a source of images for the prints and books and as a living showcase of their lives' work in the gallery. Alfred & William Heaton Cooper both painted extensively in the Lake District as well as other mountainous areas around the world in all seasons and weather conditions.

We have a number of original paintings for sale by the different generations of the Heaton Cooper family.

Original paintings by Linda Cooper

Well known for her paintings of animals, she has had many commissions.

Most of her work is in oil on canvas or wood, but she uses a variety of media including pastel and watercolour.

Crafts by Otalia Johnson

After retiring from primary school teaching, Otalia worked in Ceramics,
inspired by earth, mountains, water and the effects of light.
She is now working with Textiles, and also Wire-jewellery.
She loves experimenting with many types of textiles using a variety of
threads, natural materials, and whatever else is interesting!
Her creations include pictures, cards, cushion-covers, soft sculptures and recently, silver wire jewellery.