Arches Aquarelle Blocks

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The renowned Arches paper, mould-made, 100% cotton rag, tub sized, air dried, natural white will not yellow with age.
Now available in panoramic format (NOT and Rough only)
Size: see select box
Surface: NOT, Rough, Hot pressed
Weight: 300gsm/140lbs
Sheets per block: 20



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Available Sizes

10"x14" (26x36cm) Hot Pressed, 10"x14" (26x36cm) NOT, 10"x14" (26x36cm) Rough, 9"x12" (23x31cm) Hot Pressed, 9"x12" (23x31cm) NOT, 9"x12" (23x31cm) Rough, 7"x10" (18x26cm) Hot Pressed, 7"x10" (18x26cm) NOT, 7"x10" (18x26cm) Rough, 6"x12" (15x30cm) Rough, 4"x10" (10x25cm) NOT, 4"x10" (10x25cm) Rough


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