Blea Tarn (framed print)

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“There, sometimes does a leaping fish
Send through the tarn a lonely cheer;
The crags repeat the raven’s croak
In symphony austere:
Thither the rainbow comes, the cloud,
And mists that spread the flying shroud,
And sunbeams, and the sounding blast”
[W. Wordsworth – Tarns (1810) in: Prose of Lakeland – B. L. Thompson, p70]

One of the best views of the Langdale Pikes is from the miniature lake called ‘Blea Tarn’ just above Great Langdale. Once described as the ‘cottage of the solitary lonely, on classic ground’ by M. J. B. Baddeley, William has used a very fluid watercolour technique in this ethereal painting, masterly in its precision and economy of handling, with the Pikes forming like an icy cathedral in the background and the reflections in the tarn so reminiscent of Chinese painting, which he greatly admired.

Available in three sizes
 1. Framed print size approx 610x508mm 24×20″(TTH)
     Image size approx 460x315mm
2. Framed print size approx 483x381mm 19×15″ (SBT)
    Image size approx 323x218mm
3. Framed print size approx 330x279mm 13×11″(NTA)
     Image size approx 182x121mm

Additional information

Dimensions N/A
Available Frames

330x279mm 13×11" NTA Walnut, 330x279mm 13×11" NTA Champagne Silver, 330x279mm 13×11" NTA Grey, 483x381mm 19×15" SBT Walnut, 483x381mm 19×15" SBT Champagne Silver, 483x381mm 19×15" SBT Grey, 610x508mm 24×20" TTH Walnut, 610x508mm 24×20" TTH Champagne Silver, 610x508mm 24×20" TTH Grey


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