Climbers in Easter Gully (mounted print)



“For this, I made a detailed pencil drawing in my sketchbook and recalled the tones, colours and figures at leisure in my studio. It was almost dark when we arrived on the summit of Dow Crags and our mood of achievement and wonder was immensely heightened and deepened by watching the last after-sunset glow over the sea to the west” [WHC – Mountain Painter, p16]
Painted when William was only 21 years old, this shows him with friends on the last climb of a day on Dow Crag above Goatswater in Coniston, in the summer of 1924. It also highlights his blooming talent for recalling what he so aptly described as ‘rock-strewn amphitheatres’
Available in one size only
Cream mounted print size approx 432x330mm 17×13″
Image size approx 231x309mm


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