Cottage Interior, Glencoyne Farm (framed print)

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It was often necessary for Alfred to be away from home for short periods even when he was painting in the lake district. In Ullswater, he would stay at the Wilson’s of Glencoyne. Interested in the smallest detail, this is an accurate portrayal of Lakeland farm life around the time of the First World War.

Available in two sizes

approx. Frame Size 559×457 22×18″

approx. Frame Size 406×330 16×13″

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Available Frames

406×330 16×13" LAK Walnut, 406×330 16×13" LAK Gold, 406×330 16×13" LAK Grey, 559×457 22×18" TBS Walnut, 559×457 22×18" TBS Gold, 559×457 22×18" TBS Grey


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