Ecoline Brush Pens – Set of 10


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A firm favourite among artists and calligraphers alike, Ecoline is a fantastic transparent liquid watercolour ink which offers a wide range of colours, available in bottled ink or brush pen form. With a shorter drying time than other watercolours we’ve tested and beautifully bright and vivid colours available in a vast range, Ecoline stand out as some of the best watercolours around.

The ‘pure formula’ ink, which Ecoline advise is based on dyes and Gum Arabic, is the secret to their fantastically intense colours. The ink lends itself to blending and mixing extremely well – simply add water to the colour laid down by the pens to mix and blend, or, use the handy blender pen.

The brush pens use a large fibre-brush nib which is soft and pliable – great for achieving a variety of line widths and effects, and which keep their shape very well.


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