GLEN LUIBEG, NEAR AVIEMORE, 1922 – Original Painting



“His work had shown no sign of aging and never lost its vigour”

Jane Renouf, from ‘Alfred Heaton Cooper, Landscape Painter’, 1997

Painted only seven years before the artist’s death, this quintessential Cairngorm landscape shows a scene of austere grandeur. A brilliant composition: the track winding in at the right, a stand of dark  pines above the sweep of moorland to the left, the layered purple hills above capped with a swathe of dense cloud. Dominating the whole scene, a row of blasted scots pines leads our eye back to the herd of red deer grazing on the skyline. As ever, Alfred’s choice of colour to depict the peat hag, the scrub, the rising hillside, is perfectly evocative of that moment in time on the highland moor, and has turned his vision into a eulogy for this savage wilderness.

Framed size – 33 x 27 ins

Image size – 22 x 15 ins

Original Painting by Alfred Heaton Cooper.


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