HCS Bespoke Watercolour Paper Packs

From: £21.95

Paper Available: Arches, Bockingford and Saunders Waterford

Weights Available: 140lb/300gsm, 200lb/425gsm, 300lb/638gsm


The 140lb and 200lb weight papers come in packs of 20, where as the 300lb weight paper comes in packs of 10.



Arches – Arches Aquarelle watercolour paper is considered one of today’s finest mould made watercolour papers. It is 100% cotton fibre, acid free and made on a cylinder mould machine by Arjomari of France. It is gelatine sized, air dried, with four deckled edges and is hand inspected as part of the mill’s stringent quality control.

Bockingford – This paper is produced at St Cuthberts Mill in Somerset. It is a cylinder mould made paper producing a stable non-directional sheet to resist cockling and distortion when heavy washes are applied. Made from 100% photographic quality wood pulp, it is acid free and buffered with calcium carbonate to give long life properties unaffected by atmospheric acidity. Free from optical brighteners it is colour stable and will not change when exposed to light. Its economical price makes it particularly suitable for students in watercolour, drawing and printing.

Saunders Waterford – The Waterford series is 100% long fibre cotton, mould made paper, acid free and buffered against atmospheric contamination giving archival permanence. The natural white sheet contains no optical brighteners, thus having excellent colour stability. The paper is internally and tub sized, which enables colour to be lifted off with water and a new wash to be evenly laid.


HCS (Heaton Cooper Studio)

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Packs Available

Arches 140lb/300gsm ROUGH, Arches 140lb/300gsm Cold Pressed (NOT), Arches 140lb/300gsm Hot Pressed (HP), Arches 300lb/638gsm ROUGH, Arches 300lb/638gsm Cold Pressed (NOT), Arches 300lb/638gsm Hot Pressed (HP), Bockingford 140lb/300gsm ROUGH, Bockingford 140lb/300gsm Cold Pressed (NOT), Bockingford 200lb/425gsm ROUGH, Bockingford 200lb/425gsm Cold Pressed (NOT), Saunders Waterford 140lb/300gsm ROUGH, Saunders Waterford 140lb/300gsm Cold Pressed (NOT), Saunders Waterford 140lb/300gsm Hot Pressed (HP), Saunders Waterford 200lb/425gsm ROUGH, Saunders Waterford 200lb/425gsm Cold Pressed (NOT), Saunders Waterford 200lb/425gsm Hot Pressed (HP), Saunders Waterford 300lb/638gsm ROUGH, Saunders Waterford 300lb/638gsm Cold Pressed (NOT), Saunders Waterford 300lb/638gsm Hot Pressed (HP)


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