Schmincke Horadam Gouache Tubes

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Series 12 Finest Artists Gouache highly pigmented and concentrated for depth of colour, with excellent flow properties. We stock 13 basic colours, plus white, from which any colour can be mixed.

15ml tubes, price according to series number.

Titanium White 102 is also available in a 60ml tube.



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Available Colours

S0 Raw Sienna 644, 15ml, S0 Burnt Sienna 648, 15ml, S0 Burnt Umber 650, 15ml, S0 Titanium White 102, 15ml, S1 Lemon Yellow 220, 15ml, S1 Prussian Blue 476, 15ml, S1 Titanium Gold Ochre 640, 15ml, S1 Ultramarine Deep 464, 15ml, S2 Cadmium Red Tone 342, 15ml, S2 Chromium Oxide Green 522, 15ml, S3 Cadmium Yellow Light 224, 15ml, S3 Neutral Grey 785, 15ml, S3 Scarlet 350, 15ml, S4 Cobalt Green Light 536, 15ml, S0 Titanium White 102, 60ml


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