Kyoto Inks – Variety of Colours


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Kyo-no-oto No.1 Nurebairo, Kyo-no-oto No.2 Imayouiro, Kyo-no-oto No.3 Kokeiro, Kyo-no-oto No.4 Yamabukiiro, Kyo-no-oto No.5 Aonibi, Kyo-no-oto No.6 Adzukiiro, Kyo-no-oto No.7 Hisoku, Kyo-no-oto No.8 Urahairo, Kyo-no-oto No.9 Keshimurasaki, Kyo-no-oto Moegiiro, Kyo-iro Fushimi's Flaming Red, Kyo-iro Moonlight of Higashiyama, Kyo-iro Cherry Blossom of Keage, Kyo-iro Stone Road of Gion, Kyo-iro Soft Snow of Ohara


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