Mill Dam Cottages, Coniston (loose print)

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“Without vision the people will perish, and without natural beauty the English people will perish in the spiritual sense. In old days the English lived in the midst of nature, subject to its influence at every hour” [Prose of Lakeland – B. L. Thompson, p166]

This delightful rural setting, portrays a typical ordinary Lakeland cottage, found around the Coniston area, where Alfred lived before the outbreak of the First World War. He undoubtedly saw them as picturesque, especially when set in vast amounts of shrubbery found inherent in the landscape, which he rendered so beautifully here.

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1.  Image size approx 387x255mm 14 7/8×10″

2.  Image size approx 257x169mm 10 1/8×6 5/8″

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Available Sizes

387x255mm 14 7/8×10", 257x169mm 10 1/8×6 5/8"


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