Posca Paint Pens – Set of 20 Collection Case


Uni Posca water-based pigment markers produce opaque, vibrant colour and will on write on virtually any surface: paper, cardboard, tracing paper, rock, clay, cement, plastic, metal, wood, fabric, glass, canvas and more. These markers are odourless, alcohol- and solvent-free, and suitable for indoor or outdoor use.

Posca paint is opaque and fluid. It gives easy coverage and yet is bleed-resistant when used on paper. Once dry, the paint is waterproof; it is possible to draw on top of previous layers to build up designs or correct errors. Light colours are just as opaque as the dark colours, and can be used to add overlaid highlights.

This set includes twenty Posca markers: 6 from the PC-1M range; 7 from the PC-3M range; 7 from the PC-5M range.

Colours included are as follows: PC-1M: light blue, white, black, violet, orange, brown. PC-3M: gold, silver,beige,lt.orange,sky blue, lt.green, pink. PC-5M:black, grey,blue,green,red, yellow, white.

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