Scafell and Mickledore, 1935 (loose print)



“Thursday morning crossed the mountains and ascended Scafell, which is more than a hundred yards than either Helvellyn or Skiddaw; spent the whole day among clouds…of all earthly things which I have beheld, the view of Scafell and from Scafell (both views from its own summit) is the most heart-exciting”
[S. T. Coleridge – A Week’s Walking Tour (1802) in:Prose of Lakeland – B. L. Thompson, p69]

The view here from Mickeldore ridge between Scafell and its bigger neighbour Scafell Pike, is where you can clearly see the route that Samuel Taylor Coleridge took in his famous descent off the top of Scafell in 1802, which became the first recorded rock climb. William infuses the ragged rock forms with hazy violet and green tones, that mark out a precipitous path against the brooding dark slab.

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Image size approx 384x280mm 15.1/8 x 11″


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