St Giles


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St.Giles was reputably an 8th century christian hermit from Athens whose story is centred in Provence. According to legend, Giles was living in the forest near Nimes, his sole companion being a deer who sustained him with her milk. An arrow shot at the deer by a Frankish king called Wamba wounded Giles instead, and it was after this that he became the patron saint of cripples. King Wamba developed a high esteem for Giles, and built a monastery for him at St Gilles du Gard. It became a place of pilgrimage on the road from Arles to Santiago de Compostela, and was popularised by crusaders passing through on their way to the Holy Land.

The sculpture was modelled when Ophelia was a student at Regent Street Polytechnic, the elongated, stylised figure showing a gothic influence. St Giles is depicted with the hind which nurtured him in the forest, and which he in turn protected.

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