Stickle Tarn (loose print)



“What a solemn and impressive place it is on a winter afternoon, when the low sun casts great shadows from each rock buttress of Pavey Ark, when Harrison Stickle throws its long shadow across the scree below, and when buttress, gully and shadow are mirrored, darker and greener, in the still waters of the tarn”

[WHC – The Tarns of Lakeland, p184]

This is not the expected view of Stickle Tarn, as here it is witnessed from where the stream comes in, near the base ofPavey Ark, the big crag which overshadows the tarn high above Langdale. Only a thin strip of land separates the water from the sky. In the distance are seen Wetherlam, Coniston Old Man, the wedge shape of Swirl How, and the sharp point of Carrs.


Available in one size only

Image sizes approx 430x269mm 16 7/8 x 10 5/8″


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