The Moomins and The Great Flood (Collectors Edition)


Created in 1945, yet published in this country for the very first time, The Moomins and the Great Flood offers an extraordinary glimpse into the creativity and imagination that launched the Moomin books. Moominmamma and young Moomintroll search for the long lost Moominpappa through forest and flood, meeting a little creature (an early Sniff) and the elegantly strange Tulippa along the way. Tove Jansson illustrates her first ever Moomin adventure with stunning sepia watercolour and delightful pen and ink drawings.

Author: Jansson, Tove
Publisher: Sort Of Books
Format: Hardback
Publication Date: 01/11/2012
ISBN: 9781908745132
Pages: 64
Dimensions: 178x111mm

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