Winter in Grasmere, 1951 (MOUNTED PRINT)



“What sensation is more delightful than that of tramping along while the crisp snow crunches under foot, and gazing upward at the lean crags standing boldly out from the long smooth slopes of dazzling white!” [W. P. Haskett Smith – Winter Climbs (1894) in:Prose of Lakeland – B. L. Thompson, p150]

One of many paintings William did of his home valley, this is a marvellous example of using both wet and dry watercolour brush together in order to depict all of the water-reeds, trees and bullrushes by the lake. This rustic setting is completed by a tide of rising mist coupled with chimney smoke escaping out of the village, into the cold night air.

Available in one size only

Mounted print size approx 279x229mm 11×9″

Image size approx 176x124mm


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