W&N Artists’ Watercolour Half Pans

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These colours are made in half pans, whole pans, 5ml tubes and 14ml tubes. We do stock the full range of colours, but not in all size variations.

(Prices vary depending on series number.)



Winsor & Newtons’ reputation for high quality watercolours is based on this Artists quality range. The high performance pigments ensure excellent strength and brilliance whilst single pigment formulations have been used wherever possible to ensure cleaner, brighter mixes. These colours are made in half pans, whole pans, 5ml tubes and 14ml tubes. We stock the full range of colours, but not in all pan and tube variations.


Winsor & Newton


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Available Colours

Alizarin Crimson S1, Brown Madder S1, Brown Ochre S1, Burnt Sienna S1, Burnt Umber S1, Chinese White S1, Davys Gray S1, Hookers Green S1, Indian Red S1, Indian Yellow S1, Indigo S1, Ivory Black S1, Lamp Black S1, Light Red S1, Magnesium Brown S1, Mars Black S1, Naples Yellow S1, Neutral Tint S1, New Gamboge S1, Olive Green S1, Paynes Gray S1, Permanent Sap Green S1, Prussian Blue S1, Raw Sienna S1, Raw Umber S1, Sepia S1, Terre Verte (Yellow Shade) S1, Titanium White (Opaque) S1, Vandyke Brown S1, Venetian Red S1, Winsor Blue (Green Shade) S1, Winsor Blue (Red Shade) S1, Winsor Green (Blue Shade) S1, Winsor Green (Yellow Shade) S1, Winsor Lemon S1, Winsor Orange (Red Shade) S1, Winsor Orange S1, Winsor Red Deep S1, Winsor Red S1, Winsor Violet (Dioxide) S1, Winsor Yellow Deep S1, Winsor Yellow S1, Yellow Ochre Light S1, Yellow Ochre S1, Caput Mortuum Violet S2, French Ultramarine S2, Gold Ochre S2, Green Gold S2, Lemon Yellow Deep S2, Opera Rose S2, Perylene Green S2, Perylene Violet S2, Phthalo Turquoise S2, Potter's Pink S2, Scarlet Lake S2, Ultramarine (Green Shade) S2, Ultramarine Violet S2, Cerulean Blue (Red Shade) S3, Cerulean Blue S3, Indanthrene Blue S3, Oxide of Chromium S3, Permanent Alizarin Crimson S3, Permanent Carmine S3, Permanent Magenta S3, Permanent Mauve S3, Permanent Rose S3, Perylene Maroon S3, Quinacridone Gold S3, Quinacridone Magenta S3, Quinacridone Red S3, Turners Yellow S3, Viridian S3, Aureolin S4, Bismuth Yellow S4, Cadmium Lemon S4, Cadmium Orange S4, Cadmium Red Deep S4, Cadmium Red S4, Cadmium Scarlet S4, Cadmium Yellow Pale S4, Cadmium Yellow S4, Cobalt Blue Deep S4, Cobalt Blue S4, Cobalt Green S4, Cobalt Turquoise Light S4, Cobalt Turquoise S4, Cobalt Violet S4, Lemon Yellow (NT) S4, Rose Dore S4, Rose Madder Genuine S4


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