ZIG Fudebiyori Brush Pen


Zig Fudebiyori Brush Pens are now available in 48 colors.

A favorite by artists and calligraphers alike, these markers are great for various styles of brush lettering, as well as sketching, rubber stamps, cardmaking, watercolor style paintings, and more.

The Fudebiyori brush pens feature the same ink type and color palette as the Zig Clean Color Real Brush markers, but have a different style tip. The brush tip on the Fudebiyori markers is a firm yet flexible fiber brush type. Make hairline strokes or color larger areas depending on how you hold the tip and how much pressure is applied.

Water-based dye ink blends with water to create smooth gradients, shadows, and watercolor effects.


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Available Colours

Pale Rose 230, Peach Pink 202, Dark Pink 027, Light Carmine 021, Pink 025, Deep Red 260, Wine Red 024, Red 020, Carmine Red 022, Scarlet Red 023, Orange 070, Yellow 050, Pale Orange 054, Bright Yellow 052, Lemon Yellow 051, Light Green 041, May Green 047, Olive Green 043, Deep Green 044, Green 040, Marine Green 400, Persian Green 033, Emerald Green 048, Deep Blue 035, Peacock Blue 038, Persian Blue 032, Dull Blue 034, Cobalt Blue 031, Blue 030, Violet 080, Lilac 083, Light Violet 081, Purple 082, Deep Violet 084, Deep Reddish Brown 602, Mid Brown 065, Dark Oatmeal 066, Ochre 063, Light Brown 061, Dark Brown 062, Sand 601, Brown 060, Light Gray 091, Blue Gray 092, Gray 090, Gray Brown 094, Mid Gray 096, Black 010


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