A Langdale Beck (framed print)

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"After the ice had roughed out the main design it was left to the gentler tool of running water to add the finer detail, searching out the weaknesses in the hard volcanic rock, deepening and steepening the gills, and eventually producing the complex system of crags and gullies, hanging valleys, tarns, becks, and graceful waterfalls that we know as Langdale"

[WHC - Lakeland Portraits, p90]

This painting conveys that special feeling, where everything is at peace except for the sounds of a mountain stream, when wandering high up in the fells. Within this dreamlike moment of tranquility, the beck flows from Stickle Tarn beneath Pavey Ark on the Langdale Pikes, but sadly and rather ironically, it was painted just before the outbreak of the Second World War.

Available in one size only

Frame size approx 559x457mm 22x18"(TBS)

Image size approx 392x272mm

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