A Sketchbook - PL Hobbs

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104 pages

58 colour and black & white illustrations.

A sketchbook could be considered one of the most important pieces of equipment in the artist’s toolbox. The method by which for centuries artists have collected and transported their observations and ideas.
In this actual size reproduction of a sketchbook by the artist P L Hobbs we have an opportunity to look over his shoulder, as he sets down his first thoughts on a variety of subject matter both in the UK and abroad, inviting us to take a glimpse at the world through his eyes.

Apart from a short essay on sketching and watercolour there are no other words between the artist and the viewer, the illustrations stand alone, simply the ideas of a professional artist engaging with his subject. A pocket sized sketchbook has been Phil Hobbs’ constant companion throughout a lifetime of sketching, painting and teaching, an aide memoire providing the basis for many of his studio paintings, and in his words, “I do feel that dipping into my old sketchbooks is the nearest thing to time travel that I am ever likely to experience.”

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