Clairefontaine Calligraphy Pad 130gsm / 60lbs (100 Sheets)

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Clairefontaine Calligraphy Pad contains 25 sheets of pure cellulose, ivory paper designed for calligraphy and crafted using traditional Dutch methods. The paper has a smooth surface with a satin-like texture perfect for use with nibs and brush techniques such as engraving, silkscreen and monotype.

Clairefontaine is synonymous with quality and prides itself on meeting the needs of artists and students. The brand actively participates in the development of French forests, by managing several hundred hectares of fir and spruce trees in the Vosges mountains. With regards to the paper mill itself in the Etival Clairefontaine region, it is still as dynamic 150 years after its conception. Self-sufficient for 80% of its own biological installations for water treatment and has been rewarded a "Water trophy" by the State.

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