Cliffhanger - New Climbing Culture and Adventures

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Journey upwards with Cliffhanger, a dizzyingly beautiful presentation of the people and places that make up the world of climbing.

Climbing has recently exploded as a global phenomenon, thanks to a plethora of dedicated gyms springing up and media coverage that has had a wide reach.

Using breathtaking imagery and in-depth stories, Cliffhanger gives you a complete look at the world of this outdoor pursuit--both as a sport and a lifestyle--by highlighting the people, places, history, and culture that make the activity so fascinating. Whether you've been doing it for a long time or have never climbed in your life, this book will make your palms sweat and your heart race.

This book is encapsulating a golden moment in climbing, with the activity enjoying peak popularity. It is a great way to find inspiration for long-term climbing fans, beginners, and outdoor enthusiasts seeking to conquer new summits. Discover a mix of detailed illustrations, photographs, personal stories, and tips about climbing

Author - Julie Ellison

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