Hahnemuhle 1584 Notebook

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The elegant "1584 by Hahnemühle" notebook is available in the finest of colours.

Capture your thoughts and ideas with the joy of writing and passion for paper ! Writing down an idea on paper gives it value and makes it feel more real.

Centuries of papermaking bundled in a stylish notebook. Perfect for people who want to write, organise and keep notes in a simple yet beautiful way. Bundle your thoughts on the finest dotted paper and elegantly coloured paper.

In Lilac, Peach, or Sea Green.

Hahnemuhle Traditional Artist papers are produced according to old recipies using high quality raw materials and pure spring water. Hahnemuhle combines centuries of experience with modern innovation and artists inspiration since 1584.

With the introduction of the new Stationary FineArt line, Hahnemuhle has consistently expanded its paper expertise in the area of writing culture.

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