Hawkshead Hearth - Original Painting by Alfred Heaton Cooper (1863 - 1929)

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A fascinating unsigned watercolour of an interior verified by a note on the back by William Heaton Cooper, which reads: “This watercolour 'Hawkshead Hearth' was painted by my father Alfred Heaton Cooper around the mid 1920s."

A letter from William to a previous owner says that it was painted in "an old house in Flag Street, since demolished". One of Alfred's later works, the style is "much bolder and broader than earlier works or than most of his illustrations for books”.

The painting is in fact quite modern in style, focusing  entirely on the domestic interior, Warm tones predominate as we look through an open doorway to the smoke blackened hearth with its hanging arm for pots jutting from the stonework, and the dark cavity of the spice cupboard where precious flavourings were kept dry.

Framed Size - 597 x 761 mm

Original Painting by Alfred Heaton Cooper.

Please note the colours of the image on the website may vary from the painting in person.

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