Jacques Herbin Round Glass Pen

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Enjoy a beautiful glass pen expertly hand-blown in the tradition of 16th-century Venice! Glass dip pens let you feel the texture of the page and connect you directly to your writing in a way that no other writing instrument can. They work well with virtually any ink and are easy to clean, making them a popular choice for testing new inks. But they aren't just for testing. They are easy to use and can write multiple sentences between dips, so they're more convenient for writing than a typical dip pen. Additionally, the glass nib will never rust or wear out, so it can last a lifetime if well cared for. Herbin Round Glass Pen 18cm Transparent. Every glass pen is hand-crafted and therefore unique. Thanks to the small grooves on the nib, several lines can be written without dipping. Pen formed by a set of twisted glass threads between which the ink rises by capillary action. It is very pleasant to use. Discover or rediscover the pleasure of writing with a glass quill! You will appreciate its excellent grip and the bewitching sound of pen on paper. Allows for fluid, ample and precise writing.

To use this pen, dip the tip part-way into a bottle of your favorite ink. Gently scrape the sides of the nib against the opening of the bottle to drain the excess ink. The only ink left on the nib should be the ink held inside the small capillary grooves that spiral around the tip. As you write, turn the pen slightly whenever the pen starts to run dry, allowing the ink from other grooves to be used. The instructions inside this glass pen say that you can smooth the tip with fine sandpaper. In our experience, it’s best to use micro mesh or mylar, as it’s finer than sandpaper and will sand less aggressively, minimizing the chance of irreversible damage. Note that when you sand it, you’re altering the tip and taking that risk upon yourself. The more you sand away, the broader the line the pen will write. Whatever you sand away, you can’t put back! So go lightly, and understand that glass pens are stiff and will inherently not feel as smooth as a fountain pen.

Get this vintage writing experience from Onlinemantra.in delivered in a nice gift box. An ideal gift for your loved ones!

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