Khadi Himalayan Paper Pack A3

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Lokta & Mitsumata with leaf inclusions. mixed pack 20 A3 sheets.

Artists’ handmade paper made from the inner bark or bast fibre of lokta and mitsumata. Lokta is darker toned and has a harder surface than mitsumata. These are native plants of the Himalayan foothills found above 2000 and 3000 metres respectively. These plants are a sustainable and renewable resource. Plants are cropped above ground level and can be reharvested after 3-4 years. The papers are made using the Japanese nagashizuki dipping and layering method of papermaking. Inclusions are tea leaf, bamboo leaf and birch bark.

For drawing in ink, calligraphy, printmaking and bookbinding.

Weight: 30 / 60 gsm

Surface: Smooth

Dimensions: 30 x 42cm

Pack: 20 sheets

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