Lake District 214 Wainwright Challenge Logbook - Steve Jones

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The Lake District is home to some of the most beautiful scenery in the whole of England, UK. ‘The Lakes’ is famous for it’s 214 fells. ‘The Wainwrights’ were name by Alfred Wainwright who meticulously documented and illustrated the very popular ‘Pictorial Guide to Lakeland’ which was put together over the course of 13 years. Alfred's artistic and unique sketches have been the go-to-guide for millions of walkers in Cumbria, helping to navigate their way safely and accurately around the Lake District peaks.

This logbook compliments Alfred's Guide by providing you with 214 accurately designed, high detail tables, to help you log data each time you complete one of the Wainwright peaks. This 'Lake District Challenge Logbook' is the perfect companion for any serious hiker heading out to the Lakes. Small in size, it can easily be taken on long walks, or simply completed upon your return!

You will love the features of this book! It includes a double page spread which displays all 214 peaks in numerical order of fell size and altitude. This contents page also includes page numbers for your convenience. Following the content pages, you will find the bulk of this book: All 214 fells, each one dedicated to its own page to log your data.

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