PanPastel Landscape Set

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PanPastel Colours are professional artist grade soft pastel colours in a unique pan format. This means that they can be mixed and applied like paint. They have very little dust which ensures a cleaner working environment.

PanPastel Colours were developed so that artists can easily lift, apply and control pastel colour, just like painting with a brush. The pan format holds the colour like paint for easy application.

PanPastel Colours are genuine artists' quality pastels, available in a range of 60 colours. All of these professional quality colours are highly pigmented, have excellent lightfastness and are fully erasable.  


  • 1 x Chromium Oxide Green 660.5
  • 1 x Yellow Ochre 270.5
  • 1 x Ultramarine Blue 520.5
  • 1 x Burnt Sienna 740.5
  • 1 x Titanium White 100.5
  • 1 x Paynes Grey Extra Dark 840.1
  • 1 x Red Iron Oxide 380.5
  • 1 x Palette Tray & Cover
  • 1 x Sofft Sponge Bar
  • 1 x Sofft Painting Knife (No.3)
  • 2 x Sofft Knife Covers (No.3)
  • 1 x Sofft Angle Slice Sponge

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