Love, the Earth by Frances Stickley

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A poetic, spell-binding message from the Earth directed straight to 4+ readers inviting us all to appreciate the natural wonders around us and to take steps to protect them.

The Earth itself takes the reader on a glorious tour of the wonders of nature, both little and large. 
Love, the Earth is an enchanting story that gives readers the perfect chance to see all the facets of the Earth, its mysteries, its generosity and its unparalleled beauty. It is also a powerful call to arms to look after the Earth in turn.
Combining charming, rhyming text and spectacular artwork, this book is a magnificent celebration of the Earth.

"Hopgood, the illustrator of 
Wow Said the Owl, brings his unique style to Stickley's powerful anthem about the climate crisis." The Bookseller.

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