On The Origin of Species - Sabina Radeva

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Let a flutter of beautiful butterflies entice you into an illuminating and exquisitely illustrated journey through evolution. Praised by our booksellers for its pairing of informative yet accessible text with vibrant and colourful artwork, Sabina Radeva’s retelling of Darwin’s On the Origin of Species brings the theory of natural selection to a whole new generation.

Charles Darwin’s evolutionary writing is one of the most crucial methods of understanding our world and environment, but its academic tone and period prose can be daunting to many readers, young and old alike. Graphic designer and molecular biologist Sabina Radeva has recast On the Origin of Species in the light of subsequent scientific discoveries, providing an enlightening commentary alongside ingeniously simplified explanations of Darwin’s theories and choice quotes from the great man himself.

On the Origin of Species is awash with stunning illustrations, which perfectly complement the concise text. Dinosaurs roam, monkeys swing, big cats prowl and exotic birds swoop, through an intricately rendered natural landscape which brings scientific fact to exhilarating artistic life. Ideal for young readers fascinated by the world around them, or for adults seeking an introduction to Darwin’s seminal work, Radeva’s On the Origin of Species is a gateway into a world of scientific wonder.

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