Sennelier French Artists Watercolour Wooden Chest

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Aquarelle Extra Fine French Artists' Watercolour

The Wooden Treasure Chest gift set contains:

12 tubes 10ml (501 Lemon yellow, 578 Sennelier yellow light, 675 French vermilion, 636 Sennelier red, 659 Opera Rose, 315 Ultramarine deep, 326 Phthalocyanine blue, 899 Forest green, 805 Phthalo green light, 211 Burnt sienna, 703 Payne's grey, 440 Warm sepia).

1 porcelain palette

1 embroidered Sennelier cloth

1 masking fluid 75ml

1 cretacolour graphite stick

2 brushes

Box Dimensions: 275 x 135 x 110mm

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