Spring Evening under Scafell (framed print)

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"But let the mountains have something to talk about; let them dress up in their clouds or their snows, and act their parts: show what they can do with white dazzle against blue and black, or give you peeps of distant lake, or hints of crag behind crag and crest above crest, and now and then a swirl of grey, trailing over green tarn-banks and vallet bottoms"

[W. G. Collingwood - Upper Eskdale and the Scafells (1902) in:Prose of Lakeland - B. L. Thompson, p154]

This rugged scene captures the undulating contours of the green slopes rolling below the line of Scafell, which is itself bathed in a striking white light, highlighting perfectly the steeper rougher sides of the immense mountainside.

Available in one size only

Frame size approx 559x457mm 22x18" TBS

Image size approx 374x259mm

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