Spring Snow on Skiddaw (mounted print)

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"It was a day that will stand out like a mountain in my life"

[written by Charles Lamb about climbing Skiddaw in 1802 from: Black's Guide to the English Lakes - ed. Gordon-Home, p136]

Here is an absolute classic William Heaton Cooper painting, combining all of the elements inherent in 18th century British watercolour tradition, with a modern sensibility. Capturing the magnificent view Skiddaw commands at the head of Borrowdale, where an emotive sky with blooming fluffy clouds, smooth mountain slopes, weather-beaten trees, are all marvellously relected back in Derwent water, combining to make a forceful composition.


Available in two sizes

1.   Mounted print size approx 508 x 406mm (20 x 16")

2.   Mounted print approx 286 x 235mm (11.25 x 9.25")


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