The Knots Handbook - Barry Mault

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 This entertaining, easy-to-follow, and eminently practical book will equip readers with knotting skills to last a lifetime.

This full-colour guide is packed with over 45 knot projects, accompanied by clear step-by-step illustrations. From the clove hitch to the Albright knot, readers will learn an array of loops, hitches and binding knots as well as variations of the most famous examples.

Each project includes practical uses for these knots - such as making a swing seat, a washing line, a dog lead or an arm sling - so that you can introduce them into everyday life.

• Useful knots for sailing
• Clever knots for camping
• Handy knots for the home
• And other knots that are simply a pleasure to tie!

Discover a time-honoured and rewarding hobby and essential life skill with wide and varied applications. A fantastic gift for readers of all ages from 8+.

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